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ANKERMAKE introduced its first 3D printer

3D printing can be a time-consuming and expensive hobby — even if you try to do it on the cheap. It feels like I’ve adjusted, replaced, or upgraded half the parts on my Ender 3 Pro. It’s been fun, but never easy.

Anker today launched a 3D printing brand named AnkerMake. Its first printer, the AnkerMake M5 just made its Kickstarter debut, with a $499 price tag. The diminutive price packs in a comprehensive feature set, including cameras that do AI-powered monitoring of your printing, enabling the printer to pause if it detects that something has gone awry.

For the past few years, Anker has been carving out a niche for itself as a company that makes a broad range of the type of products you can pick up for next to no money on Alibaba — battery packs, wireless charger docks and high-speed USB chargers for phones, laptops and what-have-you. The twist is that Anker actually has functioning quality control and impeccable customer support, which sets it apart from the “goodness, I hope this doesn’t catch fire the first time I plug it in” class of products.

Anker also has the home products brand Eufy, audio and smart wearables brand Soundcore, home projector brand Nebula and office brand AnkerWork. The new AnkerMake brand fits into this lineup of competitively priced but high-quality products — and adds some bells and whistles to the 3D printing world.

It’s also not clear how much of an ecosystem the new printer will have yet, which today’s 3D printing hobbyists tend to expect in return for their investment. It does accept GCode like other printers, uses standard (though longer than the most common type of) nozzles, and the company does intend to offer replacement parts, but it’s not yet clear what might be interchangeable between the AnkerMake and other products on the market.

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