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Modern and useful technologies used in washing machines

New washing machine technologies

Description and benefits of use

If you ask women which type of home appliance has really made their life easier, many will not hesitate to name an automatic washing machine. Indeed, washing clothes has always been one of the most difficult household chores. Even after women stopped washing in the river or at the well. Washing, rinsing, wringing, drying – all this took almost a whole day, and after finishing work, the hostess literally fell off her feet using washing machine.

Modern washing machines do all this themselves, with little or no human intervention – he only needs to put the laundry in the drum and select a program. But most housewives are content with standard modes, not even interested in what else their washing machine “can do”.

In fact, the functions of a washing machine are no longer limited to ordinary washing, spinning and rinsing. The presence of extended functionality is dictated not only by concern for the convenience and comfort of consumers. By improving washing machines, manufacturers strive to make them more competitive in the market.

Modern technologies of washing machines simplify the washing process, help save resources and ensure the safety of equipment operation. But, unfortunately, few people study the instructions in detail after buying a washing machine, basically mastering only the basics of its operation. We advise you to take a look at this useful guide – you may find washing technologies and new features described in this article there.

Reducing water consumption in washing machine

Everything is good in modern washing machines, except for one thing – they spend a lot of water, especially machines with a large load. This question worries not only housewives, but also environmentalists who never tire of reminding that the planet’s water reserves are far from unlimited. Not surprisingly, many manufacturers have begun to produce economical washing machines.

The average water consumption of a washing machine (per wash) is about 60 liters. Some devices need as many as 80, while others need 40. And sometimes you have to wash several times a day. The overall volume is decent. Therefore, economical water consumption becomes one of the most significant advantages of a washing machine.

How do manufacturers achieve savings?

The easiest way is to shorten the wash cycle. There is a quick program in almost every model, even budget ones. But this mode is not suitable for all underwear.

The second option is more expensive – the installation of special sensors for water purity. The technology is called Aqua-Sensor or Sensor System. The sensor consists of two components – a phototransistor and an infrared LED. If the beam from the LED can pass through the liquid and hit the phototransistor, the system considers the water clear and cancels the extra rinse. If the beam does not pass, the water is considered cloudy and the wash cycle is corrected. On average, the technology saves up to 4 liters of water per cycle.

Imbalance control

The vibration of the washing machine is not just an annoying inconvenience, but also a direct threat to equipment, as it leads to premature wear of the mechanism components. Most of all, the washing machine vibrates during the spin cycle, when the engine is gaining maximum speed. Even a so-called quiet washing machine (with an inverter motor) will vibrate if you violate the rules for its installation or operation. For example, often overload with linen.

Each modern washing machine has an imbalance control function, and a special vibration sensor is also installed. The control system determines how evenly things are distributed inside the drum. If an imbalance is detected, the motor stops and then starts to slowly spin the drum in different directions, trying to distribute the laundry throughout its volume. If the balance cannot be reached, the washing machine stops working and the laundry has to be distributed manually.

Leak protection

Operational safety is a primary requirement of European standards, which must be met by all washing machines on sale. Modern devices are able to prevent water leakage in the event of a breakage or rupture of the inlet hose, protecting your apartment from possible flooding.

Leak protection in a washing machine is one of the most useful features. Therefore, even though washing machines with the AquaStop protective system are somewhat more expensive, it is not recommended to save on safety – you will pay much more for the repair of your own and neighboring apartment.

The water leakage protection system in the AquaStop washing machine consists of several elements. The device is equipped with a special water supply hose equipped with solenoid valves, as well as a tray with a float and a sensor. The float sensor and hose valves are connected by contacts. As soon as water enters the pan, the float rises, closing the contacts. This is a sign for the system to close the water supply valves.

Automatic dosing of detergents

At each wash, washing powder must be added to the washing machine, the dosage of which is the task of the user. It would seem that it is difficult – the right amount is always indicated on the package. However, hardly anyone measures the required amount exactly in grams – most often “by eye”. And the correct dosage of detergents is very important. The lack of powder affects the washing results. And its excess leads to increased foaming, which negatively affects the performance of the washer.

Many modern washing machines have automatic detergent dosing technology. The device can be equipped with a large tank into which a liquid agent is poured. It lasts for about 20 washes, and the dosage depends on the amount of laundry and the selected program.

A more sophisticated autodosing technology is used by Miele (TwinDos system). The washing machine has a container for two detergents from the manufacturer at once, which are inserted into the compartment directly in the package. The system automatically dispenses the formulation, saving approximately 30% compared to manual dosing.

Miele offers another option – a special AutoDos dosing system, which is purchased separately and connected to the washing machine. There are two containers – for powder and liquid. Before washing, the owner determines what exactly will be used.

More technologies –

Steam wash

A washing machine with steam is no longer a novelty in the home appliance market. However, users still doubt the need for this option. Moreover, models with the steam washing function are much more expensive than conventional ones.

So, why do you need steam in the washer? First of all, in order to improve washing results by removing all detergent residues from the fibers of the fabric. Secondly, the steam function makes it possible to “wash without water”, in other words, to refresh everyday clothes. And thirdly, the steam gently acts on delicate fabrics without damaging them.

Washing machines with steam technology from different manufacturers may have significant differences in design. Some use a heating element to generate steam, while others use a built-in steam generator. The second option is more functional, as it allows steam treatment directly during washing. In such devices, you can set individual settings, that is, reduce or increase the intensity of steam.

Steam treatment makes it easier to iron the clothes later, and even allows you to do without it altogether. Even after intensive spinning, there are no strong creases and folds on things.


The washing machine with dryer allows you to get not only perfectly washed, but also completely dry laundry. Previously, such devices were quite large, but manufacturers have improved their design, and now they practically do not differ in size from ordinary washers.

The washer-dryer is equipped with an additional heating element that serves to heat the air. Passing through the linen, the air flow contributes to the evaporation of moisture, which condenses in a special reservoir or is immediately discharged into the sewer.

The drying function in the washing machine can work according to one of two principles: by time or by residual moisture. In the first case, the washing machine stops at the end of the specified period, regardless of whether the laundry is dry or not. In devices operating on the second principle, special sensors are installed that determine the level of humidity of the laundry. The machine stops working only when it matches the set value.

Washer-dryers save a lot of time and solve the problem of finding a place to dry clothes. However, they have one drawback – they can only dry half of the washed clothes at a time. That is, if the load of the washing machine is 8 kg, then it will dry only 4.

The fight against allergens

Modern detergents cope with any kind of stains even without heating the water. But almost all of them, with rare exceptions, contain aggressive components and fragrances that adversely affect the health and well-being of people. Especially dangerous are surfactants – surface-active substances that dissolve pollution. They are very difficult to remove from fabric fibers. Allergy to washing powder among children and adults is far from uncommon. It manifests itself in the form of rashes on the skin, itching and severe runny nose.

Manufacturers of washing machines have begun to introduce programs to protect against allergies in the menu of the machines. One of the ways to remove allergens from fabric fibers is steam treatment, which we talked about above. However, not everyone can afford washing machines with steam.

There is another option – special Anti-Allergy modes (the name may vary depending on the manufacturer). Another rinse is added to the normal wash cycle with water heated to 60 degrees. The program is quite long, but allergens (dust, pollen, detergents) are removed without residue.

If your washing machine does not have a special anti-allergic wash in the menu, you can use the program for children’s clothes, which also provides an extra rinse, instead.

Wash in cold water

An automatic washing machine cannot operate without electricity. And the lion’s share of it goes to water heating. Many housewives justify the choice of programs with heating by the fact that laundry is washed much worse in cold water, since the detergent does not dissolve well. It really used to be like this before – Soviet powders were difficult to dissolve even in boiling water. Because of this, the tradition of boiling clothes appeared. However, there is no need for this now.

Many types of fabric need to be washed in cold water – hot can damage them. This applies to fine linen, wool, silk. For washing outerwear, heating water is also not needed. In fact, only bedding, baby items, towels, and heavily soiled cotton clothes should be washed in hot water.

In the menu of each washing machine there are several washing programs in cold water (30-40 degrees). Thrifty housewives mainly use these modes. This solution has many advantages. First, a significant amount of electricity is saved. Secondly, the service life of the washing machine is extended – scale does not form on the details of the mechanism. Thirdly, clothes do not lose color and do not deform during washing. If things have metal fittings, they will not rust.

Do not add more powder if you choose to wash in cold water. Modern detergents perfectly dissolve and remove dirt. Exceeding the dosage can lead to increased foaming and an increase in water consumption for an additional rinse.

Advantages of Zanussi washing machines

Products of the Italian brand Zanussi are very popular among Russian users. The brand’s washing machines attract with affordable prices, stylish design, excellent quality of components and assembly, simple and intuitive operation.

Model range

The manufacturer’s model range is very wide – you can choose a compact, narrow or full-size washing machine with a front or vertical loading method.


Zanussi does not lag behind other manufacturers in terms of functionality. The washing machines use modern technologies, which ensure excellent washing quality.

Eco Valve system

An exclusive invention of the company’s specialists is the Eco Valve system for economical consumption of detergents and water. A special ball valve located at the junction of the drain pipe and the washing machine tank closes the drain for the entire period of washing and rinsing. As a result, the powder completely dissolves in water and remains in the drum, and dirty water does not mix with clean water.

Jet System technology

Thanks to the Jet System technology, the linen is evenly soaked with soapy water. In Zanussi washing machines equipped with this function, the water volume is adjusted according to the weight of the load. In order to save water, the ALC system is also used – the amount of liquid is adjusted in accordance with the type of fabric and the selected program.

Premium Zanussi washing machines feature Fuzzy Logic intelligent washing technology. It is enough for the user to specify the type of fabric, and the system sets all other parameters automatically.


The QuickWash accelerated program cuts washing time in half. For lightly soiled linen, an express mode is provided – 30 minutes at a water temperature of 30 degrees.

Airflow system

The FinishLn delayed start function allows you to pre-program the start of the Zanussi washing machine. The Airflow system takes care of the cleanliness of the drum and the freshness inside the washer.

Zanussi shape

Zanussi washing machines from the IZ series have an unconventional trapezoidal shape. This is due to the fact that they have a special inclined drum that simplifies the process of loading and taking out linen.

Online store

Our online store pleases its customers with attractive prices and a high level of service. Here you will find a wide range of Zanussi washing machines and you can buy any of them by ordering delivery to your region of residence. To make it easier for you to choose, we have listed the main technical characteristics of each of the models on the product page. Our managers will provide you with additional information.


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