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Now a Japanese robot can peal a banana…..

Researchers in Japan have developed a robot capable of peeling a banana without crushing the fruit inside.

While the two-armed machine is only successful 57 percent of the time, banana peeling points to a future where machines could do more sensitive, skillful kinds of work.

According to Reuters, the robot was able to successfully complete the task after around 13 hours of training but the success rate of the dual-armed robot still remains at 57 per cent for the time being.

The completion of such a task requires a thorough understanding of complicated commands on the part of the machine and the researchers believe that this technology can be explored to extend the application of robots in carrying out tasks like moving metal parts from one place to another.

The Reuters report stated that Heecheol Kim and Yasuo Kuniyoshi were the minds behind the technology and they used the ‘deep imitation learning’ process in order to train the robot.

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