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Top 5 Technology Trends to Look Forward to in 2021:

No one could have foreseen the events unfolded in 2020, there has been a seismic shift in every block that our world is made of. Changes have occurred at an unprecedented rate and in the quest of bringing back the life we knew before the pandemic struck, these changes are bound to happen at an even faster pace in 2021. The laws of interactions have been quivered in 2020, and the technology spectrum as we know has been affected just as much as every other part of the world.

What Are The Technology Trends For 2021?

The experts of the technology world believe that since technology is dynamic and it keeps on evolving with time, the changes in the tech-world that we’re looking forward to in the ‘new normal’ were bound to happen. The pandemic has just expedited the entire process, the changes are coming sooner than we expected and will be embraced by the world with less skepticism since it is the need of the hour. Technology has forever been cataloged as the catalyst for change, but in the year 2020, technology has backed the world as the perfect landing spot when it all seemed going downhill, be it the change to a work from home setup, availing healthcare services or how we travel. So to better understand what the future of technology will be like, we have identified several technology trends that will have a stronghold on the tech world in 2021.

  1. What are the emerging trends in robotics?Pop culture has left no stone unturned in pressing the idea of how robots will take over our world, but that is just cinema and hypotheses by creative minds but it cannot be reiterated enough how robots are coming and they are here to stay but not to take over our lives but make them simpler than they are. Automatic recognition of suspicious activities is on it’s way into becoming a widely known reality, several camera based security systems can already spot criminal activities with a negligible error rate decreasing the overall chance of a crime taking place. So precisely, there will be robots that will tell the law enforcers if there is a chance of a crime taking place before it actually does strengthening the overall security systems.We’ve already talked about Moxi, the smart hospital droid that is helping hospitals executing the tasks that involve less human interventions. There’s scope in education as well, since the pandemic has forced education to move out of universities, robots will now play a greater role in helping students learn at their own pace. Autonomous cars are not even a far fetched reality anymore, there are several projects by the tech world underway that are going to make that a reality.
  2. How 5G and its applications could change the world?Every stage of internet connectivity unlocked after 3G has opened new doors for innovation and ease and it is not as simple as having a less buffer time while trying to view a video on YouTube. 3G came in and there was a boom in the use of internet backed messaging such as Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. 4G has backed all the streaming services like Netflix and Spotify and made them a part and parcel of our lives. With the setups for 5G technology being laid in the world, there are speculations about what it might bring on the table because the possibilities are endless.5G could strengthen the technologies backed by AR and VR by giving them the needed bandwidth to be widely available. The concept of cloud based gaming as well will rely heavily on the strength that 5G is going to provide, making the age old cable based gaming redundant. Every emerging technology that we know of or discuss in this article will benefit from the emergence of 5G technology, 5G will make these technologies widely available and accessible bringing a paradigm shift in the staple technologies we know of today.
  3. Why artificial intelligence may be the next big privacy trend?According to IDC, revenue generated by AI and its hardware, softwares and services is expected to reach $156.5 billion by the end of 2020. AI as an emerging technology has several applications of its own and is being deployed in every part of our lives seamlessly  and the intertwining of AI with IoT has only escalated the process. A report by Transforma insight forecasted that by 2030, IoT will grow by 24.1 billion devices worldwide. AI makes the IoT ecosystems smarter and more efficient.The pandemic has only led the world to believe that Artificial Intelligence has a much greater role to play when it comes to healthcare. There has been an enormous surge in data that was gathered in the year 2020 to detect the patterns of the disease and spot the vulnerable sections of our society and AI has only worked for the better to curb the loss of life that could have happened. The more data the machine acquired, the more sophisticated they get the better informed results and solutions we get. The AI algorithms are expected to get even more robust in the coming year as the pandemic has led the people into having more interactions with machines and digital touchpoints giving the machines better scope to understand their behaviour.
  4. Internet of Behaviour (IoB)Gartner has identified IoB as one of the major trends that is going to exist in the coming year, IoB in the simplest of terms is making use of data and its insights to bring a change in behaviour. Though the concept has ethical implications of its own, data security is being stressed upon like never before and there are agencies looking over to see there isn’t any exploitation of the user’s data.An IoB ecosystem can gather from all the available digital touchpoints. Once the data is scrutinized, with an intersection of technology, data analytics and behavioral science, IoB attempts to bring about a desirable change in the person’s behaviour. The concept of IoB is relatively new and comes with its own implications but it cannot be denied that it might unlock a lot of doors in the future and sustain as one of the major trends in 2021.
  5. How cybersecurity impacts technology?With new technologies generating huge volumes of sensitive data on their consumers, networks are always at risk of getting hacked and enterprises are constantly innovating on cybersecurity. 2021 is looking at a new cybersecurity mesh implementation where the security perimeter will be defined by the identity of a person or thing, facilitating a more responsive approach.


2020 has been a remarkable year. While companies large and small have had to deal with a lot of changes and struggles, the adaptation process has also encouraged innovation. Digital technologies have enabled enterprises to explore new lines of business and helped employees stay connected while working remotely. 2021 will build on these innovations and then some, as industries look forward to greater automation and widespread use of solutions based on IoT, AI, AR/VR and others.

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