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The rating of the most popular Android smartphones has been compiled. The price tag is not inferior to a brand new iPhone

The rating of the most famous Android cell phones has been gathered.

The sticker price isn’t sub-par compared to a pristine iPhone.

Asus ROG Telephone 6

The AnTuTu benchmark positioned the most useful Android cell phones among the leads of October 2022. It worked out that Asus ROG Telephone 6 turned into the most remarkable device of the month, and its more costly and high level variant, Asus ROG Telephone 6 Master, was in runner up. The third is Xiaomi 12T Ace. Coincidentally, the costs of these contraptions are very gnawing.


Incorporated a rating of the most impressive Android-cell phones. The sticker price isn’t second rate compared to a fresh out of the box new iPhone
For instance, the ASUS ROG Telephone 6 cell phone isn’t simply difficult to track down, however a 512 gig model will cost no less than 100,000 rubles – as, for instance, on the Ozon commercial center. Less complex forms cost from 79,000 rubles. The master variant of ASUS ROG 6 costs 124,000 rubles.


The arrival of Asus ROG Telephone 6 occurred in July 2022. It has a 6.78-inch AMOLED show with a 165Hz revive rate, leader Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, and up to 18GB of Slam. The battery limit is 6000 mAh, which is enough for around 3-4 hours of dynamic gaming on a cell phone, however there is support for 65 W quick charging. So gamers will be left without their contraption for an exceptionally brief time frame on the off chance that it is released.

Other phones

Simultaneously, the individuals who don’t have an extra 100,000 rubles on their telephone shouldn’t surrender. No less strong cell phone, and parttime bronze medalist of the rating, Xiaomi 12T for 128 gigabytes can cost just about 41,000 rubles. So the extremely “top for your cash” is very conceivable to manage in the event that you don’t pursue brands. Incidentally, a Chinese cell phone is a lot more straightforward to find than items from Asus.

However, prior to purchasing another device, many individuals are searching for approaches to sell their old one beneficially. Obviously, you can just put it on the rack, leaving “in the event the fire fighter.” In any case, dissimilar to cognac, it might get worse with time, and, surprisingly, a long idleness can, on a basic level, transform a contraption into a block. Yet, the cell phone can be sold – and very productive. An IT master told about how to set up a device available to be purchased capability.

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