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CycleBoard Elite electric street vehicle

Electric Off-Road Scooter Can Take You Anywhere

Here is the first clue. It is fast, all-terrain capable, intimidating, and electric. Any guesses? Nope, it is not the new GMC Hummer, nor is it a Tesla Cybertruck. It is not Batman’s tumbler either. In fact, it is not a car, truck, or SUV. Here is another clue. It has been described as a top tier electric vehicle. Give up? It is a scooter. More specifically, it is the beast of scooters.

Cycleboard Rover G2 Electric Scooter

The Cycleboard Rover G2 electric scooter is a heavy-duty, all-terrain capable personal transportation device. Unlike other everyday type electric scooters, this one was created to take on multiple surfaced with readiness.

The walk-around of the scooter

The Cycleboard Rover is a three-wheeler. It has three 10-inch, all-terrain tires and sits a little higher off the ground than other scooters and has a 10-inch wide standing deck. The electric motor sits on the hub of the rear wheel. Even though the scooter has a handle, the turning ability is done by leaning, much like on a surfboard. But, the heavy-duty steel handle does fold down for ease of storage. The scooter is plenty capable on the pavement, sidewalks, grass, rubble at a construction site, and even up to a 30-percent grade.

The specifications

There are five-speed settings on the Cycleboard Rover. The fastest will get the rider to a top speed of 27 miles-per-hour. It does so quickly. The scooter does Zero-to-25 miles-per-hour in 5-seconds. When the vehicle comes to a stop, a parking brake is available. There is even a security lock code to make sure not just anyone can hop on and take off.

The electric motor is a 60-volt, 1,800-watt system that is mated to a battery pack that can yield up to a 40-mile range. The backlit LCD display will monitor the system and show the remaining battery life, speed, odometer, and also provides a USB port. The battery itself is swappable. It is placed under the folding deck.

Modifications are available for the off-road EV

Accessories are available for the Cycleboard Rover, of course. A golf bag attachment and a headlight would seem to be the first choices. But, a fender kit is also probably a wise choice. It will keep the tire splash contained, instead of having the water spray the rider.

According to Cycleboard’s website, the Rover does have a warranty. “The company warrants that the product, other than the grip tape/deck, tires, and the battery pack will be free from defects in the materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months. The warranty for the battery pack is 6 months.” That comes on an electric scooter at the pricey end of the spectrum. It is currently listed on their website at $2,399 before upgrades.

The 83 pounds Cycleboard Rover weighs in at 83-lbs. So, it is not lightweight. But, that and the price point might be the few drawbacks to this ride. The fact is, this is a heavy-duty, go-anywhere, personal transport vehicle that can carry up to 275-lbs. In essence, it is a Hummer of the scooter world.

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