Volkswagen Group has unveiled a concept car that’s more of a robot assistant than a vehicle.Called Sedric, the concept car is the very first built by Volkswagen Group, the parent company of Volkswagen, Audi, and Lamborghini. Volkswagen Group says the car is a Level 5 autonomous vehicle, meaning it’s completely driverless in any geographic region and requires no human supervision.

Volkswagen’s latest vision of the future is a “subtly wedged shaped” electric and autonomous concept vehicle that looks a little like the portable cassette boom box players of the 1980s. Either that or a canister vacuum—minus the attachment.

From a design perspective, Sedric isn’t the most appealing with its boxy body and black swing doors. But it does come with a high-tech windshield with giant OLED eyes.

The fact that it looks more like a squat robot than a traditional car speaks to Volkswagen Group’s vision for the concept.

Sedric comes with a separate, external button so it can be hailed at a whim. Volkswagen Group says Sedric is a shared mobility service that can find its own parking spot, drop kids off at an extracurricular activity, and pick up packages.

Keep in mind that Sedric is a concept; consumers won’t see this vehicle in their city anytime soon.

Volkswagen calls this the “father” of numerous concepts, which means aspects of the design will show up in future concepts and possibly even production vehicles.

  The car can also talk to passengers about the route, traffic, and estimated driving time. Sedric doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals, allowing it to become “a comfortable lounge on wheels,” Volkswagen Group said. It even comes with “air-purifying plants” for the true lounge experience.

There’s no word on whether Sedric will ever come out of concept mode, but Volkswagen Group said Sedric will serve as the platform for future driverless concepts.

Volkswagen Group’s latest concept car is a self-driving, robot assistant

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