This week’s Top 10 Free Android Apps featuring a sports app, a good photo editing app, latest Nokia Here maps for android, MSN weather app and more.

In 2014 we anticipate great apps to be developed for our favorite platform – Android. The Google Play Store now offers over a million apps and the list is rising at a more rapid pace than anticipated.  

Let’s take a look at this week’s Top 10 Free Android Apps.

Strafe android app of the weekSTRAFE  
9.0Strafe is an easy app to follow sports. With the app you can keep track of what is going on in the world of eSports right now. You can stay up to date with latest results, schedules, tournament information and more for the five biggest eSport titles, at any time and any place.Download Strafe here
DeviantArt - top free android apps for this week


8.6DeviantArt is a famous photo-sharing service for artists and art enthusiasts. After years of doing the most successful on the web, comes to Android in app format, offering interesting features for a closer look of what the community offers. Besides stimulating the user to post their creations, also lets you see what’s out and about in the community. You can move through different sections, including a selection of news, features and content of interest. Download DeviantArt here

Nokia Here Maps for android


9.2HERE Maps is very much suitable for those who want to see public transport information and need to stay informed in real-time traffic to find the fastest route. With the app, you can plot routes around the world, even without an Internet connection. Just save the maps on cell phones in order to use offline. You can also find restaurant, shops and other places easily with the app. Download HERE Maps here

MSN Weather - Forecast & Maps app for android


8.4Check the weather forecast is a useful function every day and with MSN Weather app you can plan even better appointments. The app displays the weather forecast in hours or more distant dates, like in 5 or 10 days, in a beautiful and easy to use interface. Furthermore, the function provides interactive maps detailing the temperature in different cities. Download MSN Weather here

DropTask - Visual To Do List app for android


8.2DropTask is a visual to do list application that lets you organize your tasks in a project. The app lets you view your tasks as manageable components within a certain framework. It allows you to share tasks with others, filter tasks and projects depending on the date of delivery or importance, and many more functions. It is a great tool to collaborate on joint projects. Download DropTask here

Shareables android app


8.3The app Shareables allows you to discover the best Android apps. Shareables shows you a list of the most popular Android apps being used by your Facebook friends, as well as all Shareables users. You’ll then be able to download and check them out yourself, and even pass the word along to another friend you think might like it. Download Shareables here

Shou Screen Recorder Pro for android


7.8If you’re a fan of Twitch and enjoys monitor gaming sessions from other players, now you can do so directly from your smartphone. With Shou.TV, you can record a gameplay and share with the people who follow you in the application. The service also allows you to share your videos with your friends on Facebookand Google Plus. Download Screen Recorder here

Surprise app by Amazon for android


7.4Surprise, an app from Amazon that make it easy to remember the important occasions of people you care about and send them an e-card. Download Surprise here

Top 10 Free Android Apps For This Week

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