Become a successful farmer on your Android Mobile Phone with these best free farm games for android.

Even though running a virtual farm doesn’t sound like the most fun you can have on your Android, you’d be surprised how quickly the concept sweeps you up with simple mechanics and gives you a real sense of accomplishment when your crops are ready to harvest. These ten free farming games all deliver on that promise and are guaranteed to keep you entertained for days.

Below the 10 most popular android farm frenzy games available at no cost on playstore.


FarmVille 2 - Best Farm Frenzy Games For Android The most popular Facebook farming game has gone mobile, and it’s improved on everything that made it great. With the option to play online or offline, your farm is never far away. Download Farmville 2 Here (Free)


Let's Farm - the cutest farming game for android A game with a cute art style and simple mechanics, Let’s Farm really sets itself apart from the pack with its decoration options. If you want to create a unique and beautiful farm, this is the game for you. Download Let’s Farm Here (Free)


Farm Story android game In addition to its online social aspects and its easy-to-understand controls, Farm Storyhas a huge variety of crops; over 150 different varieties, and more every week. Download Farm Story Here (Free)


Zombie Farm android game downlaod A farming simulator where you can also grow zombies? This silly game is well-done and is certainly distinctive enough to get and keep your attention for days at a time. Download Zombie Farm Here (Free)


Farm Frenzy Free game for android Sometimes, you just need a task to keep striving for. Farm Frenzy has that covered, marrying a farming game with 72 levels of increasingly difficult tasks. Download Farm Frenzy Free Here (Free)


If you’re just looking for a simple, single player farming game, Moy Farm Dayis for you. A simple design and simple goals make this an incredibly relaxing app that still keeps your attention. Download Moy Farm Day Here (Free)


Pot Farm - Grass Roots game for android A game for farmers of a different kind, Pot Farm combines all the captivating activities of other farming simulators with a more hands-on approach to harvesting. After each crop, you really do feel a great sense of accomplishment. Download Pot Farm- Grass Roots of Weed Here (Free)


Family Farm Seaside game for android The name of the game is “immense”; in Family Farm: Seaside, you can make a huge farm with over three hundred different crops and products. If you want the biggest farm on the block, this is the game for you. Download Family Farm: Seaside Here (Free)


Fairy Farm android game Step into a world of fantasy with Fairy Farm, growing mystical plants and taming dragons and unicorns instead of cows and chickens. All the intuitive controls of a farming simulator with a fantasy slant makes for a great escapist game. Download Fairy Farm Here (Free)


Happy Farmer- Stranded (Farm) android game A farming game with an island vibe, Happy Farmer: Cast Away gives you an entire tropical island to farm. It’s a great app for fans of the genre who just want to see something a little different. Download Happy Farmer (Free)

Whether you play these ten free games for bragging rights, for a great little time-waster, or for the simple joy of making your own little farm, each one of these deceptively simple farming games will grow on you. It’s all the fun of running your own farm without having to get out of bed.

The Best Free Farm Games for Android

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