Refresh the look of your android device with the following Best Android Theme Apps.

At some point after you’ve purchased your Android mobile device, you’re going to want to make it exclusively yours, with your own apps, your own data, and your own distinct flair. Fortunately, we’ve got a list of ten distinct styles for your Android, all from reputable third parties and all for free, designed to make sure your device really and truly is your device.

Now its time to pick the brushes and paint some color on your old android with the help of these best free android theming applications.

Green Flame GO theme

Green Flame GO theme for android 7.5Designed to re-color your icons, background, and clock with a dark green flames and smoke motif. Perfect for those of us who like the cyberpunk look. (Works with Go Launcher Ex) Download Green Flame GO Theme here

Forest GO LuancherEX Theme

Forest GO LuancherEX Theme for android 7.2Looking like something that just came out of high fantasy, this beautiful theme from Freedom Design works for anybody who wants to bring the mythos of the ancient Celts or the majesty of nature onto their Droid device. Download Forest GO LauncherEX Theme here

Science Android Theme

Science Android Theme app 6.5If you’re all about making your Droid look like something out of TRON or I, Robot, this light blue science-fiction theme will definitely get you there. All-blue washed-out icons make a good minimalist approach, so you can focus on how cool your background looks, no matter how many apps you have. (Works with C Launcher) Download Science Android Theme here

Soul GO Launcher Theme

Soul GO Launcher Theme for android 8.1A fire design with a skull and chopper theme? This wicked looking theme, complete with full flaming icons will make your Droid look tougher than it’s ever looked before. Download Soul GO Launcher Theme here

Lamborghini Dodol Theme

Lamborghini Dodol Theme for android 8.5Fans of the iconic Italian supercar brand are sure to love this theme inspired by a Lamborghini concept car. Just like its inspiration, this theme is sleek, sophisticated, and a great way to keep your dreams right on your Android desktop. Download Lamborghini Dodol Theme here

Sweet Kitty Atom Theme

Sweet Kitty Atom Theme for android phone and tablet 8.6Perfect for the cat lady (or cat guy) in your life, this cartoon kitten theme takes a simple art style and makes it endearing. You might just look at it for a few minutes and forget what else you were doing. Download Sweet Kitty Atom Theme here

Beautiful Theme

Beautiful Theme apps for android phones 7.8With a choice of the solitary sea, the Eiffel Tower, a model ship, and an island against a deep purple sky, you’re sure to find a theme that captivates you in this simply named theme. Download Beautiful Theme here

icon & wallpaper CocoPPa

icon & wallpaper CocoPPa is the best android theme apps 8.6If you’ve ever wanted to describe your Android as “cute”, this all-in-one theme app from Coco has you covered. Calling itself “the ultimate app used by stylish girls all around the world”, you’ve got thousands of options to make your Droid not only “cute”, but a “cute” that’s uniquely you. Download CocoPPA here (Free)

SL Theme Blood

SL Theme Blood android theming app 8.2If, however, cute isn’t your thing, try this simplistic blood-motif theme. If you’re all about things that go bump in the night, this is where you want to be. Download SL Theme Blood here (Free)


Xperia theme for android 8.5For anyone who wants their phone to take them back to the golden age of noir drama, this free theme from The Green has you covered with a great dark, sophisticated style. Download Xperia Theme Noir here (Free) All of these themes are free to download, and all of them are guaranteed to work. Pick out one or two and see how you like your new Droid’s look.

The Best Android Theme Apps for Free

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