facebook-die As being a most popular social network and peoples interaction all days to share status, photos, videos and communicate with friends, family or new people. If you worry after you death how their friends will know about the news today facebook comes with new features. Now a user can appoint someone to manage facebook account after you die. The legacy contact won’t be able to fully control to their accounts but able to make status, photos and cover to let people know about the death news. Once everything is configured, this contact will be able to announce a memorial service (or share a personal message) on the top of the Timeline, respond to new friend requests, update profile and cover photos, and even download an archive of photos, posts and profile information that person shared on Facebook. Note that personal messages will be off limits and the legacy contact is unable to log in as the deceased. The legacy contacts feature is currently rolling out in the US to begin with and Facebook will expand the rollout to more countries over time. If you’d rather not have someone access your profile once you’ve passed away, you can simply have Facebook delete your account altogether.

Select a facebook manager before you die

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