With the new Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 in for review (stay tuned for that) I’m back on using a 10-inch Android tablet for the first time in a while. Tablets this size – and especially the Yoga 2 – are designed to be used in landscape mode. Sadly, not all apps will rotate, and I don’t want to use this thing vertically. So in comes Ultimate Rotation Control to save the day. Through sheer witchcraft (or more likely coming from people cleverer than I) this app when enabled will give you certain parameters to control with the end result being apps that are forced into landscape. There are apps I use every single day like Slack, our inter-team communication tool here at Mobile Nations, and several others that needed some assistance. The experience is still far from ideal – that’s another tale for another day – but thankfully there’s someone out there that can help overcome this frustration. It comes free for 7 days to check it out and make sure it’s doing what you want it to, after that it’ll cost you $1.99. Download: Ultimate Rotation Control (Free trial, $1.99)

Richard Devine – Ultimate Rotation Control

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