1. Facebook for Android

It is great news for the social users who want to connect with facebook even with your devices. Facebook has launched new version of their android apps after with improvement of previous lacks. Old version was not having issues with the flexibility, messaging features and wall updates. The application facebook for Android is available to free download and enjoy the stable and simplicity to keep updates with your family and friends on facebook. Download free app

2. Outlook – Hotmail App

Outlook is the most favorite email system for their business or personal use, to keep this interaction with their outlook and hotmail users Microsoft launched app with SEVEN developers. This application is very clean, simple and advanced user notification system available that lets the user communicate via email easily. One more advanced feature of push notification allow users to manage multiple hotmail accounts that. Download free Hotmail App Download free Outlook App

3. Foursquare

Foursquare is social media hearts with their mapping features to locate peoples, places and even any apartment. The great looks make foursquare users to keep using apps to connect with peoples and places. It has been updated; now placing pin, easy check-ins and home page shortcuts are the best option to update. As the foursquare use google map, with their own customization make interest peoples to stay with the apps. Download foursquare app

4. Wordpress for Android

WordPress is more popular than any other open source CMS, with the compatibility of any website category now it enhanced with the android application. Basically the application was developed independently by a coder who was later hired by WordPress organization. The app was already had good features, well integration of wordpress management, later the company hired the coder for in-house development. WordPress for android app is so cool to use for it easy to use features, add new post, edit and managing post layout with multiple images. The wordpress user specially blogger are enjoying the website handling via their smart devices. Download WordPress for android


Latest Android Apps Free Download 2015

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