Recently Hewlett-Packard has presented its latest invention – a lightweight computer that one can easily wear around the wrist due to the fact that the device has a flexible display. In addition, the lightweight tool is solar-powered.

According to HP, the company’s latest invention is just 200 microns thick. However, it can display a lot of useful information for the soldier wearing it, including maps and directions.

HP has developed a new wearable E Ink display for the army that is flexible and solar-powered. It can be wrapped around a soldier’s wrist, and could show maps or directions. The whole display is just 200 microns thick. HP plans to offer first prototypes in early 2011.

HP mentioned that its computer, which makes use of its e-ink display technology, will be provided to the military in 2011, reports Wired.

The E Ink displays will be manufactured using a roll-to-roll process. HP says it will work with a company called Phicot that it spun out recently to produce these displays.

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hp designs solar-powered wrist

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