FOR FANS: gadget gifts made for gamers


FOR FANS: gadget gifts made for gamers

What kind of a mouse should the fan of World of Warcraft have at his disposal if he respects himself? What present may make the fan of Portal 2 happy? What for must “Tanks” have its own headset? You may read about this and many other things in our Gadget-Reviews.

More and more frequently, beautiful girls and women drop in the computer shops in order to find the best present for their other half, brother or father –  such as a gaming keypad or a popular gaming mouse. But the “fan’s gadgets” are especially demanded in this case. To put simply, these are accessories of all sorts devoted to this or that popular video game.

Not rarely, poor quality pointing devices, keyboards and headsets pose as the famous brands. Nevertheless, many gaming gadgets are worthy of note and lots of gamers have become attached to them for long time.

In our review we have studied four fan gadget gifts made for gamers the most notable at the world market of accessories.

Gaming gadgets for big fans of «World of Tanks» by RazerFOR FANS: gadget gifts made for gamers

At the end of 2013, Company Razer made the fans of «World of Tanks» happy by putting three new gadgets in the game proprietary style on the market. Andstilltheyarebeingputonthemarket! In fact, “members of tank crew” have been given an opportunity to purchase a thematic mouth and headset (the third device is the pad for mouth) with bonuses standard for such case. Let’s look closely at them!

Gaming Mouse Razer DeathAdder WOT Edition is a typical pointing device with ergonomic design, optic sensor sensitive to 6400 dpi which can be linked up by means of USB-port for real eSports athletes. What do the amazon customers think about this gaming mouse as a gadget gifts made for gamers?

This mouse has made the better gamer from me. It is so easy to start playing! I plugged it in. It auto-installed the driver and it was good to go. No cloud. No registering. Glows nicely. Lightweight and helps me in-game immensely”.

This mouse was supposed to come with a World of Tanks bonus card for a special tank to be used in the game. I tried to redeem the card, but no luck. The support service couldn’t make me glad but finally I changed the product to the same one but with an activated bonus card. Win!


Mouse pad Razer Goliathus WOT Edition is likely to be rather good, if the amazon customers give it 4,7 out of 5 stars. The classic version of the pad is represented by different sizes: from Small to Extended, World of tanks edition is represented by Medium size which seems to be optimal. Read the customers’ reviews:

I bought the World of Tanks edition and couldn’t be happier” – it seems to be the most laconic and capacious opinion which we have ever read!

This is the best pad I have ever used. The mouth doesn’t become dirty, its sensitivity doesn’t reduce, the pad edges don’t turn up. It is as good as that with neutral art.

FOR FANS: gadget gifts made for gamers

Headset Razer Kraken PRO WOT Edition is worth its payment. The most of Internet reviews on it are positive: people praise the sound quality, the level of basses and comfortable reliable wearing. However, we have read several records of displeased clients: they have faced the models with weak microphones and visual defects.

FOR FANS: gadget gifts made for gamers

At present, the complete set for the fan of «World of Tanks” costs 135$, thanks to the first-class discounts on the above mentioned mouse and headset. The price may seem impressive to someone, but, nevertheless, the devices are still popular among gamers since their launching in 2013. Such situation can be explained easily: the game World of tanks becomes increasingly common and its fans seek to purchase the given accessories to in-game immensely.

Ambiguous mouse SteelSeries for «World of Warcraft»

Our following hero was put on the market in 2012 and till now…

has been actively discussed by MMORPG fans at specialized forums and markets.

The topic of discussion is SteelSeries World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse, a pointing device devoted to the commonest RPG all over the world.

General characteristics of the mouse are rather good. Judge for yourself: this pointing device is supplied by eight additional programmable buttons, a laser sensor with maximal resolution 8200 cpi. The package bundle includes a docking station that plays the role of both a signal transmitter and a сharging unit. After charging for an hour, the mouse can work for 16 hours offline.FOR FANS: gadget gifts made for gamers


But what surprises most of all are the opinions of the mouse owners. These are diametrically opposed. The fans of the gadget note the abundance of keys, good design and stylish backlight, software and a high level of response, the opportunity to write macros and a fine tuning. Haters have too big size what is hardly suitable for girls and children, the assembly being bad. Backlashes and scratches give cause to doubt about the quality of the product. So, we can’t recommend to purchase it with 100% confidence.

Though, the real fans of the World of orcs and elves hardly need someone’s recommendations!

Finally, one more pair of customers’ opinions:

It’s great that the mouse can work from both wire and battery, it has proved useful to me when the battery indicator has been down to zero. If you are a fan of WOW, you are more likely to appreciate the opportunities of this mouse with incredible design, but if you are looking for something more with regard to options and settings, then you should call on Razer as there they make excellent and less expensive mice».

«The mouse has been working fine for the 2 first months, then the problems have begun. I don’t advise to use the wireless regime as it works not badly with a power cord». 

For fans of Portal 2 game

As for the fans of the game «Portal 2», they may rest assured for the assembly quality and usability of the following device. We speak about a souvenir which may be used only as a separate toy beyond computer space.

This product is called Portal Gun and it represents a funny replica of a popular gun from the universe of Portal2.

FOR FANS: gadget gifts made for gamers

The device possesses 3-way switch lighting blue or orange gun lights, apart from an individual sound for each light. At pulling the trigger the barrel reproduces the sounds familiar to the game fans. The device is powered by three batteries of type АА. The size is rather small, it being 12 inches long and 5 inches high. It can be placed on shelf or table as a décor element. By the way, you can find the video reviews of this gadget gifts made for gamers in Internet.

You may be upset by the gun price only. To pay 250 dollars for a usual toy worthy of children shop is not our custom. Though, judging by the photos of Portal Gun in social networking, … there are quite many people which decided to buy it regardless of its price:

«This thing has become an excellent present for my little son. Noclaims. I can’t understand why some people complain of cheap plastic, everything is normal, besides light and sound effects make you happy».

«It’s good enough for rare collection although some details are not neat. Sound effect is clear and similar like one in the game. Quite impressive!»

Gadgets for StarCraft II World fans by Razer

Warning: in this part of the review you will face much bright light. So, if you prefer “dark side”, you may miss the nearest two passages without a doubt.

It’s a joke. Though, we are going to talk about light, indeed.FOR FANS: gadget gifts made for gamers

Set StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty from Company Razer is the sort of “genre classics”. As a rule, it includes a quite standard mouse, keyboard and headset… But you can’t pass them by! Here are the models we are talking about:

Razer Marauder keyboard is a device with slightly raised keys. It’s convenient when you have to set up macros literally at the double… . Pay a special attention to the backlight of every button with laser engraving. The lovers to play at night won’t have a hard time looking for the button required. Besides, this superior type possesses an installed sensor. What else can any fan dream of? The fans answer:

«Very unique keypad. The software for it is awesome and lets you fine tune the keyboard to your preferences. The lack of traditional arrow keys is the biggest downfall and turning NUM lock on and off constantly is a bit bothersome. It is a great novelty item for anyone that loves StarCraft and Razer».

The pointing device Razer Spectre Gaming Mouse glows at night. Some words about it: it has five programmable buttons, each button consisting of many-colored LED indicators. There is a logotype StarCraft II on the mouse case. The mouse resolution is 5600 dpi and the response time is 1 ms. The connection with computer is performed by a gilt USB cable. Though, the users have noted that the mouse manifests itself rather modestly and the most сool thing about it is its backlight. By the way, this mouse doesn’t suit for big hands, you should know.FOR FANS: gadget gifts made for gamers


What concerns Razer Banshee headset, it doesn’t glow at night, though it sounds very well. Gaming headset has an installed equalizer. The gamer may adjust the main parameters of sound. For you to be comfortable, there is an opportunity to create 8 adjustment profiles. Theblockhasadetachabledesign gadget gifts made for gamers.

The amazon customers conclude: this headset is an excellent present for any fan of StarCraft II, which likes the clear sound at gaming but the shortcoming is that it requires a wire. During the first months of game, some gamers have met the problems with microphones, most probably they having purchased the defective models.

FOR FANS: gadget gifts made for gamers

In general, the set is rather good if you don’t expect a miracle. Game fans are certain to like it. If you are looking for the present to satisfy a gamer, you have already found it !

As post-scriptum

You should be aware that this review is not the rating of gadgets to follow it. It’s clear that any device may make an experienced geek happy, if it will remind him of any favorite game of the past or the present. We hope that such devices will still do a good turn in the gaming process


FOR FANS: gadget gifts made for gamers

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