Taxas: There is an app available now for sharing social stuff among friends and family. The most amazing news is this app can works without Wifi and 2G,3G services.

This is common we need to have internet service for the mobile apps and your messages go to nearest tower and move on.  Also Wifi system is also complex to understand how it works. But the Question is how this apps work, and the answer “It creates own network”.

Basically Fire Chat uses networking system of the phone and create network with other phone. But the important thing is it needs to have second phone distance under 100 feet. This apps work perfectly like in stadium, or a crowed where internet connection doesn’t work perfectly and sometime issue with speed. Also every phone should have fire Chat installed to create network and travel messages. Every phone has Wifi & Bluetooth services that Fire Chat uses behind the scene.

Recent year 500,000 peoples used Fire Chat simultaneously to connect each other because the banned of mobile networks and Wifi service. So this app is useful where no internet service available like earthquake, flood and other such places this app can be very useful in emergency.


Fire Chat – A social app works without internet

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