VIPole Secure Messenger is a true business communication solution which also Keep safe your data with strong encryption technologies.

  Every day, we hear a new story about a company’s data stolen by cyber criminals. Make no mistake: data is the most valuable commodity today, and if you are conducting business without any sort of encryption, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Encrypting your messages, calls, notes, files, and more is mandatory, yet unfortunately, ensuring that your business activities are 100% encrypted and secured at all times can be tricky. If only there was an app that could ensure that every conversation, phone call, video conference, and more was completely secured from cybercriminals and eavesdroppers… Now there is – at least, that’s the promise behind VIPole: a secure instant messenger for Android (also available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) that promises to offer top-quality security and encryption inside a communications system that makes it a cinch to talk business with your team members, clients, and more. Promising 100% privacy with zero backdoors, it sounds like it’s too good to be true. But is it? Keep reading our review to find out.

Often, when services tout that they offer true end-to-end encryption, they aren’t being entirely truthful. VIPole is one of the apps that does end-to-end encryption properly. When information is sent from one user’s VIPole client to another user’s VIPole client (regardless whether any of the parties or using a PC and/or mobile device), the information is sent through VIPole’s servers and encrypted. Once it arrives to the user, it is unencrypted so the user can read/listen/view the information immediately. This entire process is lightning-fast too, and chances are, you won’t even notice the encryption process is occurring! Full disclosure: Phone calls in VIPole are partially protected when traveling between the VIPole servers and a VIPole client. When sent or received outside of the VIPole system, they will not be encrypted. Note: this is the case only for phone calls! Every other information exchange is fully encrypted! No matter if you send voice calls, text messages, conduct video conferences, send files, or exchange any other type of information, VIPole can secure it via end-to-end encryption! Rates per minute are fair To make voice calls with VIPole, you have to purchase credits. VIPole accepts major credits cards and PayPal, so buying credits is straightforward. You can also gift VIPole users credits as well. The rates-per-minute are fair, with most calls costing only a few cents per minute. It’s a small cost for true end-to-end encryption! VIPole would be a solid app if it only offered information encryption and nothing more, but the features of VIPole don’t stop there. In addition, VIPole offers the following features: Encrypted cloud data storage Password manager Task scheduler Notes Calendar (with reminders) Sure, most smartphones feature apps that provide these functions by default, but they are not encrypted. With VIPole, when you use these tools, your activities can be 100% secured! It’s flexible You can also use VIPole on your desktop – no matter if you use Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. When you are away from your desktop and want to use VIPole on your Android device? Your account will carry over to your mobile device. Easy to use Within a minute, I knew exactly how to use VIPole. The UI is attractive, the presentation is great (the sounds VIPole makes when doing certain tasks is a nice touch), and navigating the menus are a cakewalk. It’s a nice, minimalist style that more apps should incorporate. – WHAT WE DISLIKE Free version is a little bare Oddly enough, the free version doesn’t encrypt video conferences, nor does it encrypt storage of message history, storage of files on desktop client, the virtual drive on desktop client, or even passwords, notes, tasks, and calendar by default. Moreover, the maximum file storage is only 1GB. If you want to use VIPole for business, you are going to run out of storage in a hurry. But that’s just it: to get the most out of VIPole, you are going to have to upgrade to the ‘Professional Plan’ at $9 per month. VIPole also provides a multi-user account: $45 per month for approximately five users (the same as $9 per month for individual users). Forcing business users to use the Premium version of VIPole makes sense, but I feel like they could offer a few extra perks in the free version. For example, there is no reason why video conferences shouldn’t be encrypted when text and voice calls are. Sure, video uses a lot more data than voice/text. Even so, it’s a feature that needs to be offered by default. VIPole also excludes a host of security extensions that again, should be present in the free version of the app. Compare the features between each version of VIPole to see for yourself. Moreover, 1GB of file storage is so small that it’s almost worthless. Services such as Dropbox offer gigabytes more of storage for free, and those that want to use VIPole for personal use are essentially being forced to continue to store their files with an alternative (and arguably much-less-encrypted) cloud storage service. Bump up the default file storage size by a few gigabytes, or don’t offer encrypted file storage at the free level at all. Luckily, the Professional version ($9 per month) of VIPole offers 30GB of file storage. In that regard, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. Add to the fact that the Professional version of VIPole includes a host of extra features (many of them that, again, should be included in the free version of the app), and you are still getting a lot of bang for your buck. CONCLUSION If you only want to make send texts and make voice calls safely, the free version of VIPole will suffice (just remember that in order to make calls, you have to purchase credits). To that end, VIPole works well for users that needs the bare minimum features. Even so, a few features that should have been included in the free version (particularly encrypting voice chats) are missing. The free version is going to be ideal for a lot of people, so if you know you don’t need to store files within VIPole or have video conversations, the free version is perfect for you. For everyone else? You will need to purchase the Professional version. Despite these few flaws, VIPole works great. Offering peace of mind that your information is constantly encrypted in real-time is invaluable, and in a time in which stealing information is more rampant than ever, VIPole is a must.

Encrypt Your Conversations With VIPole Secure Instant Messenger

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