Browse through our Top Free Android Games list featuring some of the best titles from last week on play Store.

Google Play store now has over a million of apps which is almost same as the iOS app store and the number expected to grow even more quicker in coming year. Let’s take a look at some of the best Android Games we have found for you among the apps released on the Play Store last week.

Now it’s time to keep up with the latest top free android games of the week:

Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure

Help Me Jack- Atomic Adventure game for android9.0Help Me Jack is an adventure game in which you immerse yourself in the world of mutants, battle with them in order to save humanity from nuclear fallout. In this game you will play as a super hero squad of Jack. Improve your skills and weapons, as well as build the headquarters and explore new technologies. Adventure through over 200 levels and try to defeat horrible mutants, and do not let them destroy the world. Download Help Me Jack here

Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game

Ironkill- Robot Fighting Game for android8.0Ironkill is a one to one Robot Fighting Game, in which you’ll have to take control of a remote-controlled robot in a thrilling championship fight. To play, you just need to build a robot, improve and start fighting. This game is divided into levels by fighting, will have to overcome the various opponents and continue the journey through different continents and places, always finding it increasingly difficult. Download Ironkill here

Might & Mayhem

Might & Mayhem top free android games from last week7.8Might & Mayhem is an arcade style strategy game with colorful characters. In this game you have to fight battles to complete missions with friends. Create an army of heroes and explore the lost kingdom. Create new strategies with different fighter combinations and customize your army to destroy the competition and loot others for treasure! Download Might & Mayhem here

Base Busters

Base Busters android action game8.2Base Busters is a strategy game, in which you have to lead a column of tanks and engage in explosive combat to destroy enemy bases, solo or with friends. Develop your strategy to capture enemy territory and take away all the medals and titles enemies. You must keep your base safe and improve its strength while attacking other players. Download Base Busters here

Bruce Lee: Enter The Game

Bruce Lee- Enter The Game for android tablet8.4Bruce Lee Enter the game is a fighting game for Android that tells the story of the legendary master of Martial arts Bruce Lee. In this Beat’em up game, you’ll have to control the legendary martial arts master Bruce Lee fight against dozens of different enemies. There are 40 stages with lots of action. A fun title worthy of the name it represents. Download Bruce Lee here

Wicked Lair

Wicked Lair android top free game8.5Wicked Lair is another strategy game for Android that puts you in the middle of the dungeons full of evil cheaters. The goal here is not to help brave warriors, but control the evil creatures and cause them to exterminate all humans. You’ll have to eliminate all the heroes who enter in the dungeons and do before they progress enough to give you a resounding hit. Download Wicked Lair here

Pastry Paradise

Pastry Paradise android game8.0Pastry Paradise is a new match three puzzle game from Gameloft. Pastry Paradise is a fun and colorful game for Android set in an exquisite world of pastry and with rich innovative features. This game is very similar to Candy Crush, but with a very different subject and other modalities. The use of swipes diagonal (new feature), lovely sweets as well as boosters and bake-offs help keep players entertained. Download Pastry Paradise here

Twisty Planets

Twisty Planets free android games8.4Twisty Planets is a puzzle-platformer for Android, in which you must guide a small cube that has been trapped in a tangled series of levels and looking for the way back to your planet. Help the little cube to escape the twisty planets, find stars to open portal and escape! The game requires a lot of concentration and reasoning to overcome challenges. In this game you will find bright colors, beautiful designs, high image quality and a fun introduction. Download Twisty Planets here

NinJump Dash

NinJump Dash for android9.0Dash Ninjump is a multiplayer racing game, in which you will race in real time against other players around the world. The game puts you on the skin of a ninja sprinter with a good repertoire of weapons to beat your opponents in a steeplechase through different environments. This latest game from the Ninjump saga will be more exciting than ever because you not only have to be aware of the obstacles and to go as fast as possible but also have to get your opponents first. Download NinJump Dash here

TapSlayer: Alice in Zombieland

TapSlayer- Alice in Zombieland android weekly game review8.3Tap Slayer: Alice in Zombieland is a shooting game in which you control Alice and help her to kill hordes of zombies by simple tapping. Download TapSlayer here That’s all for this week’s Top Free Android Games list. Hopefully you will enjoy most of the title we have chosen for you. Let us know which android games you like most. Also don’t forgrt to check our previous lists of Android Games of the Week.

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