Our weekly picks for the top 10 Free Android Games of The Week. IT’S FREE TO PLAY!

It’s been an exiting past week, with Google Play reaching over 25 billion app downloads and lots of new titles and offers. Today’s recipe involves some of the best recent apps title from the Google Play Store. Download them and enjoy!  

Now if you’re ready, here are the top free android games to download this week:

Zombie Objective android games of the week


Zombie Objective is a first person zombie shooter game in which you assume the role of an elite soldier, and your mission is to detonate the undead and prevent them from contaminating you. The game provides large number of weapons, accessories, clothing and miscellaneous items for most committed players who like evolution. There are weapons for every taste and also to meet different situations depending on the scenario. Download Zombie Objective Here (Free)

Terrible Tower must download android game


Terrible Tower is a typical 2D platform game in which you will have to face an apparently endless tower full of traps – and that seems to have no end. As you go through the place, going to come into different eras of time, experiencing new kinds of challenge. The commands are very quiet, and the game buttons are arranged on the screen for you to control each character. Download Terrible Tower Here (Free)

RollerCoaster game for android


RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile is a building and simulation game in which you will have to build and manage an amusement park until you reach the goal, as well as research new technologies, build roads, transport and all you need to create a profitable company. The game is easier to play than it looks. Download RollerCoaster Here (Free)

Zombie Virus game for android


Zombie Virus is an action and strategy game in which your goal is to infect the world with virus. In the game, you must not fight the walking dead, but to help them conquer all corners of the planet. As you conquer new territories and expand your zombie empire, you can use modified DNA to improve your soldiers and make them more powerful, which is especially useful in stages where there are soldiers and police. Download Zombie Virus Here (Free)

The Silent Age android game


The Silent Age is an episodic point-and-click video game for Android, consisting several chapters that complete the story, where the player is placed on the skin of a janitor who has to save humanity. The second episode of the game comes with more stylized visuals and an eerie soundtrack that will keep you in suspense as you solve mind-bending puzzles. Download The Silent Age Here (Free)

Bug Princess Duel android game


Bug Princess Duel is an arcade style game that combines aspects of the classical genre of craft with some touches of RPG. In it, you assume the role of a captain and the right hand of the princess and together you must defend your people from constant attacks of monsters commanded by an evil force. Download Bug Princess Duel Here (Free)

WinterForts- Exiled Kingdom game for android


WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom for Android is a new kind of Strategy game in which you have to manage the economy and military expansion of a castle, causing it to prosper and eliminate neighboring enemies at the same time. The game brings a similar dynamic with the Clash of Clans, in which you need to build and upgrade various types of economic and military buildings and defenses of your base while training armies to invade enemy citadels. Download WinterForts Here (Free)

Super Party Sports- Football for android


Super Party Sports: Football is a fun game of football with some good seasoning of classic Worms, because the mechanics are quite similar. The goal of each level is to make your team a bit, but that usually means that you have to destroy all opponents in the field with crazy obstacles and only then be able to give the shot on goal that ensures victory. The game requires precise movements to gain points and overcome phases. Download Super Party Sports Here (Free)

Puzzles & Pixies game for android


Puzzles & Pixies is another match three puzzle game where the goal, just like other games in this genre, is to string together similarly colored butterflies. String together two or more butterflies with your finger to create a match. When you match five or more butterflies a powerful pixie helper will appear. Longer matches summon even more pixie powerups and give more score. Download Puzzles & Pixies Here (Free)

Download the Top 10 Free Android Games of The Week

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