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The game went viral as soon as it released on google play store. Within a few days over 10 million people installed it. The game quickly gained so much popularity that it has earned over $50,000 in a single day for ad revenue. Flappy Bird is an interesting game for Android where you have to hold a bird, passing a series of obstacles that are presented tubes arranged perpendicular to the direction of your movement. All pipes form a route with a very uneven path, you must also make every effort to send the bird past obstacles. Crashing into the pipe, you start the game again, so be careful. Flappy Bird is one of the most downloaded and discussed games for smartphone users in recent times. It is or rather it was a free and addictive game for Android. But the game removed from Play Store by the developer due to lots of criticism and bad impression cause its maker to hate it. The project was released in May 2013 on both iOS and Android, and in recent months was rapidly gaining popularity all over the world – from the moment of release Flappy Bird downloaded over 50 million times, and prior to removal of the app store the game brought its creator about $ 50 thousand a day. According to Dong, the creator of the game, the decision is not related to any litigation or similar. The cause of all was the popularity of the game, which broke his life. “I can not stand it any longer,” – said Nguyen. He also noted that he will continue to develop games. But removing the game does not mean complete annihilation. Users who already have the game installed on their devices need not worry: it will continue functioning normally, only you can no longer download it from Google Play. If you already downloaded the Flappy Bird, just keep playing. But if you don’t, then download the APK from the link given below and start enjoying the game. In Flappy Bird, you have to tap the screen to make the bird fly, avoiding the pipe on its way. The player must hold the bird through a series of various precipices and earn maximum points. Passage of each series of pipes gives you points. The game’s graphics are unlikely to enjoy the younger generation, spoiled 3D. But those who want to remember the 8-bit childhood; Flappy Bird takes a lot of fun. All the time in the game there is a change of day and night, as well as changes the color of the bird, but nevertheless, the gameplay is so addictive. The Gameplay is so simple that anyone can understand what you need to do to win a couple of seconds. But it must be almost impossible to win the game. In this sense, Flappy Bird just perfect. Download Flappy Bird Apk / Mirror

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