“Your Android device can have its own personal janitor by way of The Cleaner.”

Our Android devices are like our homes: the more we use them, the dirtier and grimier they can get if we’re not careful. Just like your home, so too does your Android device need to be cleaned regularly. Yet, who wants to go through every individual app, every text message, etc. and clean them all individually? Probably no one (besides, who has the time to do that?).
That’s where Liquidum Limited’s app The Cleaner comes in. Whether your device is feeling slow, it’s clogged up with old files, app you no longer use, or a combination of both, The Cleaner acts as your device’s personal janitor as it cleans every unwanted/unneeded file in order to ensure your device operates as smoothly as possible. But is it worth installing onto your Android device? Let’s find out.
The beauty of The Cleaner is that anyone can use it – and we mean anyone. Even if you have never used a smart device in your life, The Cleaner shows you exactly what needs to be cleaned/deleted. For example, if your device is running sluggishly, all you have to do is go to the ‘Memory’ tab at the top of the app, select which apps you want to be cleaned, and The Cleaner will get the job done for you in a matter of seconds. It even shows you how much memory was recovered!
That’s what is so great about The Cleaner: you can select a certain tab on the fly, find certain files/apps worth cleaning/deleting, and from there? You can select the appropriate button at the bottom of the page and allow The Cleaner to work its magic. No matter if you want to delete hundreds of text messages or call logs, want The Cleaner to show you which apps you haven’t used lately, or simply want to delete the largest files from your device, The Cleaner makes it happen.

Remove apps with unnecessary permissions

One of the features that stood out to me the most was the ability for users to find apps that have unnecessary permissions. As you know, there are apps out there that can access your location, camera, call and SMS logs, and more – and it’s important that you stop using these apps to take back your privacy.You may have installed apps that infringe on your privacy without knowing it. That’s where The Cleaner comes in. Within seconds, The Cleaner give you the 411 on which apps have bogus permissions and gives you the option to uninstall them. It even learns which apps you haven’t used in a long time so you can remove them if you no longer need them! How helpful!

Scheduled maintenance

The Cleaner can also auto scan your device as often as you wish. From scanning every 2 hours to every week (to never if you prefer), The Cleaner will consistently clean your device even when you are not using the device!


Could be more ‘hands-on’

My only gripe about The Cleaner is that it doesn’t monitor your device in real-time. One feature that’s missing is the ability for The Cleaner to shut down certain apps as they try to autostart. Sure, The Cleaner can find these apps and help you to discern which ones you should uninstall, but it would be helpful if The Cleaner maintained your device in the background a little bit more. It’s a feature that should be included in a future update.


Liquidum Limited’s personal Android janitor app is nearly perfect. Simple to use, feature-rich, and the ability to clean your device on the fly within seconds, The Cleaner makes it simple to have your Android device running optimally in less than a minute. While it’s lacking a feature that could make it the perfect cleaning app on Google Play, it’s still an app that needs to be installed on every Android device.

Minimalist UI

The Cleaner also sports an easy-to-use UI. When booting up The Cleaner for the first time, I immediately knew how to use it. I was able to search through my files, discover which apps were taking up too much space, search through call/text logs, and from there? I could easily clean and delete everything on a whim.

Clean the Gunk and Grime From Your Android Device With The Cleaner

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