The mobile Instagram app has traditionally been the only known way to access the Instagram community. In the early days their homepage only had links to download the app on your Android or iOS device. Since then, they’ve allowed you to view your feed and comment and like photos, but it still isn’t a desirable way to use Instagram on your desktop or the web to search, discover and interact with others. Instagram Isn’t a Photography App, It’s a Community [Opinion] Ins

This mobile service is so so popular that it’s really hard to believe that their full website allows only limited access to pics. Luckily, Instagram’s API (“application programming interface”) allows programmers to create awesome web viewers that display all pics, tags, comments, likes and locations from Instagram itself.


Why Would You Want to Use One of These Instagram Tools?

Instagram was created as a share-the-moment social media network. Its intention was sharing moments as you’re experiencing them. But it’s evolved and expanded as new communities have come to love Instagram. With these tools:

  • Brands can keep a constant and cohesive presence.
  • Photographers can easily post dSLR photos from their computer.
  • Designers can use their favorite desktop tools and share on IG.
  • Videographers can edit on desktop and share directly to Instagram.
  • The visually creative can plan a kick-ass profile page.

If you are a fan of Instagram and wants to like,comment,tag from desktop many options are available.Even now you can also upload photos to instagram from your pc and mac.check out these  recommendations and choose the Instagram viewer you like the most. Or all of them!

 Solution #1 – Use

Dskgrm is an advanced version of desktop Instagram. Earlier, though you had access to Instagram through the computer, you were unable to upload photos. With Dskgrm you can upload as may snaps with high quality resolution as you want. You can even comment on your friend’s post or like any of your follower’s pictures. You can follow the profile you like on Dskgrm just as you click on the ‘Follow’ tab in the Instagram app. On the other hand, if you do not wish to receive any updates from any of the followers, you can ‘Unfollow’ them as you do it in the app.It is the Best Instagram Webviewer.

Deskgrm provides a feature where you can create your own deskboard with a specific title. You can pin all the relevant photographs and can have as many boards as you want. Deskgrm works at its best in Firefox and Chrome browser.

Support for Online Marketing

Instagram has become one of the most powerful tools to express your brand visually. As the younger generation gives prior importance to visual content, many marketers need a strong dais where they can upload and share videos and photos to keep engaging the audience for visual comfort.

The companies can use Instagram’s PC version to upload the images of high resolution for branding their products, changing profile images or pinning clicks on board. With the help of Deskgrm, you even receive an embedded code that can be utilized in your company’s website for videos or images. This can help you pull more traffic to your website and Instagram successively.

Instagram has shoved the use of social sharing apps as a business dais to a great extent. In addition to that, the products enhanced by Instagram such as Dskgrm can allow the marketers to make a huge profit by being a seller online instead of spending money on building web pages and optimizing them. A ready-to-use platform like Instagram can prove to be beneficial to every user in gaining popularity and fame.

I found myself is the best and free

You can upload photos,tag  people,like or comment and  many other options are also available.Also in deskgram DM(direct messages) is also coming soon




 Solution #2 – Use

It is the second Best Instagram Webviewer. The another solution is to use a product called Gramblr. This app is a desktop app that says it allows you to upload photos from your PC directly to Instagram. The problem is that the app isn’t available. Right on their front page, they acknowledge that they’re working out issues with the Mac version of their software, but when you click the link to the PC version of the download, you get a 404 error. Booo!

Unfortunately Gramblr Is Not A Solution For Uploading Photos To Instagram Via The Web

Unfortunately Gramblr Is Not A Solution For Uploading Photos To Instagram Via The Web

Solution #3 – Use BlueStacks

It is on 3rd Best Instagram Webviewer.The third  recommendation, from CNet, is to use an app emulator called BlueStacks. This was one of the worst, cludgy, and non-functional suggestions that I tried. I installed BlueStacks just fine, then installed the Android version of Instagram and then fired it up. I could browse, like and comment on the photos just fine, albeit horribly slow (and I have a pretty beefy PC). But when I tried to add a photo, no go.

The article says:

To upload a photo from your desktop, click the camera button, then select the polaroid icons in the lower-right of the app window. This will prompt you to select a photo from your drive. (If you use Instagram on Android, this entire process will be familiar.) Then, edit and upload the photo as usual.

Unfortunately, the Android version that is specifically called out in this article, doesn’t allow you to browse the local file structure on your PC. Sure, I could take an additional step and install ES File Explorer, map a network drive to my PC folders via IP address and then share…but that’s a LOT of extra steps and work just to share a photo.

BlueStacks was cludgy and didn't allow for access to the file system on your PC or Mac, so it's not good for uploading photos to Instagram

BlueStacks was cludgy and didn’t allow for access to the file system on your PC or Mac, so it’s not good for uploading photos to Instagram

So…BlueStacks is out as a potential solution.

Solution #4 – Use

A free desktop option for scheduling is You can upload images and schedule your posts from desktop, and the images will be sent to your phone.

It has a 2.5 star rating on the iTunes app store due to reported bugs (latest version doesn’t have a star rating yet). But I know a few people who swear by it! Free version available for one or two accounts. You can upload video in the paid version. No bulk upload available.Its also one of the Best Instagram Webviewer

One option for scheduling Instagram posts is

Solution #5 – Use screenshot

Image result for screenshots



Solution #7 – Use

Described as a Pinterest-inspired dashboard for Instagram, Instadash Best Instagram Webviewer offers users a slick way to keep up with the photo-sharing site, away from the mobile app. Of course like with any other third party Instagram app, you can’t upload images to the site through Instadash, but you can do just about anything else you would want to on the iOS/Android app.

When it comes to browsing photos on Instadash you can view your feed, featuring all the photos of the other Instagram users you follow; you can view the most popular images on the photo sharing app; you can view your own photos; or you can view the photos that you’ve liked. They are all displayed on a Pinterest-like grid. Instadash uses infinite scrolling, allowing you to keep browsing through the latest photos, or search results of a specific hashtag.

browse instagram on computer

Opening up individual photos allows to like them or comment on them, with the option of sharing your comment on Facebook or Twitter. You can also easily like, tweet or +1 the Instagram photo. One drawback to using Instadash is that hashtags on individual photos are not clickable.

browse instagram on desktop

Solution #8 – Use

An awesome mashup between Instagram and Pinterest. This viewer takes your Instagram pics and displays them in a Pinterest-like layout. The result – hipster heaven.Its the Best Instagram Webviewer

6 Cool Ways of Viewing Instagram on the Web‬ -

Solution #8 – Use

Aside from the wonderful photo-viewer that Statigram Best Instagram Webviewer offers, this app also lets you keep track of your Instagram stats. It’s a great way for “business” users to measure success and engagement, but also for everyday users to stay updated on their data.

6 Cool Ways of Viewing Instagram on the Web‬ -

Solution #9– Use

View your feed on this fun and pretty interface. A very nice feature on Best Instagram Webviewer  is the Discover option, which helps you find great Instagram pics according to tags and categories. If your Instagram account is something special, you might even get chosen for Featured User.Best Instagram Webviewer

What’s your favorite way to browse Instagram on your computer? Let us know in the comments.


UPDATE: Per my note at the top of this post. is now available and does allow you to update via your desktop. So far, it’s the easiest solution available that doesn’t require a mobile device.
Best Instagram Webviewer

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