Hotspot Shield VPN for Android

hostspot Hostspot is most popular proxy software for desktop version. It also won an Editors’ Choice award in VPN category. Android version is also getting popularity and millions of downloaded already. Now user can secure their connection and make a different call. Some of the users also using this app to opened blocked websites. Countries like Pakistan and Saudia using Hotspot a lots to get access to the banned sites by their government. It provides premium support by annual charges, subscribed users getting most dedicated connection with Hostspot Sheild. Download



spotflux I can give 2nd number to Spotflux for proxy cateogory after Hotspot. It gained popularity in very short time and successes to earned millions users. It is an intelligent VPN app that compresses data, encrypt with secure connections and transfer between cloud based platforms. It has already gained millions of users with the features of privacy protection, anti malware and bandwidth reduction. Both incoming and outgoing data are secured by a mechanism of the software and company proud of that. This android app of spotflux only provide 3 day free trails, after that you need to get premium subscription for monthly basic or yearly.

Hideman VPN

hideman Get hideman VPN android application that is being used with the large number of users. This app is difference from above two apps as compare to features. It only provides 5 hours a week for the free users, for more hours user can get it by completing ads survey or get paid hours too. It also provides securities as all proxy app provides, more than this user can get access to banned social applications too along with banned websites. The worst thing is 5 hours a week access for free users but the quality of the app is super fine that you cannot get in other apps. Download here 


VPN One Click

vpn VPN one click is very easy and clean app designed for the same functions to secure, hide network identity and provide more accessibility to the banned apps and websites. This application has all the mobile operating systems like android, ios and windows. Get this app here Download


Best free Proxy Android apps for blocked websites

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