Been busy shopping for christmas? Spare a little time to download 10 Best Free Android Apps This Week. As usual developers cooked plenty of apps for Android smartphone tablet since our last post about Top 10 Free Android Apps of the Week. In today’s Top free Android Apps of the week we tried to find out some of them which are best quality and of course Free to Download.

Let’s checkout 10 Best Free Android Apps Download This Week.

Roadie App - best free android apps


Roadie is a neighbor-to-neighbor shipping network for Android users. You can send anything that you need to send to friends and family, and the Roadies will deliver it same day, next day, at night or even on weekends. This is a faster, cheaper, friendlier way to get your stuff where it needs to go. Download Roadie App Here (Free)

KineMaster – Pro Video Editor app for android


KineMaster is a professional video editor for Android that calls the attention for its potential and its interface, very intuitive. This is a perfect application for those looking for a complete video editing application with multiple settings and advanced features. It has different themes preloaded to facilitate the creation of projects and from the timeline can start adding audio tracks, music and effects of all kinds. Download KineMaster Here (Free)

Microsoft Outlook app for android


Microsoft has released its official email app Outlook, which is making the rounds. It is focused on increasing productivity, and integrates email, calendar, contacts and storage services in the cloud. It also works with iCloud, Yahoo and Gmail, beyond itself, Hotmail and Office 365. Download Microsoft Outlook Preview Here (Free)

Solo Launcher - Clean & Clever for android phone


Solo Launcher is an alternative home screen to get you out of sameness with your Android. It comes with a very nice look, inspired by the Material Design, but also has its own characteristics. A feature that is new in Android is the ability to put a picture on the icon to display all applications. It also features a lock screen and manager of notifications, which must be installed separately. Download Solo Launcher Here (Free)

QuickPic android app


QuickPic is a photo management app that aims to replace the default image gallery of your Android powered devices. It has integration with various storage services in the cloud and with this you can make backup of your photos and save space on the device. In addition, it comes with the Visual material design. Download QuickPic Here (Free)

Seene android app


With seene you can take 3D photos quickly by combining image, depth and movement. This application has several options for editing photos, such as filters and focus change. You can export the result as common photo, video and animated gifs. Download Seene Here (Free)

MakerBot app for android devices


MakerBot launches its 3D printing system via Android Smartphones. Specifically the application allows you to print any file stored in the cloud. The app for Android will work over WiFi and can cancel printing, pause or change elements. Download MakerBot Here (Free)

Flaming Live Watch Face for android smartwatch


With this Smart Watch app you can enjoy procedural realistic flames on your Android watch, lighting up whenever you look at it. This app includes the standard fire look for free, with additional colors. Download MakerBot Flaming Live Watch FaceHere (Free)

Oaky, this is it for now. Let us know if you like 10 Best Free Android Apps This Week we mentioned above.

Best Free Android Apps This Week

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