This is gonna seem like an odd choice for a lot of reasons, but apart from it being one of the oldest (and one of the few) Android games I play, it’s also one of the simplest. It’s ‘Flappy Bird’ simple and I love it. You connect all the pipes to the source (get it?) in varying grids from 5×5 to 50×50. There is a personal leaderboard, you can turn sound on/off, you can click to see the solution, and you can pick a new game. That’s all. And y’know what? That’s all I really need. Yes, material design (especially the material design animations when rotating and connecting to the source would be GORGEOUS) and the ability to turn the music off and keep it off rather than it reverting every round would be nice, but this is all I need in an app to kill a few hours without in-app purchases or much brain activity. Especially a free, ad-free, tiny little game that’ll run on anything. Download: Source (Free)

Ara Wagoner — Source

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