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Last Monday Google announced the new version of its operating system for mobile devices. Android 4.2 brings a number of useful features, like Photo Sphere – panning around with your device’s camera to create beautiful photos in any direction. The new Android 4.2 is expected to be available on the new Nexus devices, as well as the older models in the form of updates.

While we wait for the latest version of Android let’s see some of the best free apps for this week:

Amaze File Manager for android


Amaze File Manager is a new file browser app for Android with material design. This application allows you to manage files and folders you store on your Android devices, so comfortably. Amaze File Manager offers many useful features like cut, copy, delete, compress and extract files, work with tabs, bookmarks management, file search, access history, application manager, and for advanced users: Root Explorer. The application is still in beta and you may find some errors during execution. Download Amaze File Manager Here (Free)

WeMail android email app


WeMail is a free email app for Android that is designed from the ground up for the way you naturally communicate using your Android phone. You can receive e-mail from one or more accounts like Google, AOL, Yahoo! and Outlook.com. One of the highlights of the app is its voice email capabilities. You can send up to 20 seconds long voice massages to email. Download WeMail Here (Free)

Amazon Echo for android devices


Amazon Echo app for Android turns your device into a remote control to control your Amazon Echo and get more out form it. Amazon Echo is a voice controlled speaker from Amazon. It not only plays music, it will act as your personal voice assistant, listening all the time and awaiting your orders. It’s like “Siri” anywhere in the home. Download Amazon Echo Here (Free)

ZERO Launcher for android phones

ZERO Launcher

ZERO Launcher is an application for those who like to change the look of Android. It offers well-made themes in 3D and also has the advantage of being lightweight and open super fast. Easy to use. Download ZERO Launcher Here (Free)

Facebook Groups app for android


Facebook Groups is an application developed exclusively for groups with which you can access your Facebook groups without distractions. Facebook Groups for Android lets you create and manage your groups, sharing publications in groups, viewing notifications, discover new groups and add them. Download Facebook Groups Here (Free)

Samsung Milk Video app for android


Find the most viral videos with Milk Video, a new app from Samsung. Milk Video is a video streaming application that lets you easily find and watch the most popular or viral videos of the moment without internet. In the app you will find the most popular videos by categories such as entertainment, sports, games, tutorials. All videos in Milk Video of Samsung from different sources, such as: YouTube, Buzzfedd, College Humor or Vice. Download Milk Video Here (Free)

Camly photo editor & collages app for android


Camly is a complete photo editor for Android. It offers a number of tools such as filters, stickers, patches, different lenses, frames and collages. To use it completely you must acquire some tools within the app. Download Camly photo editor & collages Here (Free)

Circa android app of the week


Circa is a simple app with which you can get news as atomic parts deconstructed, including facts, quotations, pictures and maps. Now the company brings customizable animated notifications to your Android Wear device. The app Circa shows your notifications from Android device on your watch in a beautiful way. Download Circa Here (Free)

Display Brightness for Wear android


Brightness Display is an app for Android Wear that allows you to adjust the brightness of your smartwatch screen. This application calculates sunrise and sunset according to your location and activity detection feature of Google Play Services, and the data automatically adjusts the screen brightness. Download Display Brightness for Wear Here (Free)

Android Apps of the Week : Amaze File Manager, WeMail, Facebook Groups and more….

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