In case you don’t know what are best apps available to download that is useful and people using around the world. I’ll list 5 down best iPhone apps without germs and lazzy comments about the apps but all are useful even you are a lazy user.

Horizon ($1.99)


Horizon is the cam application, I won’t say it has best feature I’m listing but it has a very useful unique feature. It allow to capture images and videos for horizontal mode even your iPhon will be vertical. Horizon has three sizing (1:1, 16:9 or 4:3) and 8 different filters for customization. This one is paid app so far and you can get it for $1.99 only.



WeChat (free)



WeChat has all the features that has different social apps, yes this app is not just best for a single reason it includes features like walkie-talkie, group chatting upto 40 people, video conference, voice messages, text messages and calling between WeChat users. So you can download WeChat app instead of many different apps like Skype, Whatsapp, viber etc. The best thing is you don’t need to pay and this is free app available now.



Wikitude (free)


After Wikitude this world looks for interesting and you’ll think how important your iPhone. If you have installed Wikitude then you can better explorer your city and with your phone camera. This app get all the details where you are currently and using your camera it will show you the places name on your screen. Now this is very easy to locate restaurant, hotels, sport places, coffee shops and any other place. One more interesting part is, this app has games to play and it will look like you are playing around your surroundings. Download it now it is free.


Doorstep Swipe (free)


This app is very helpful for those who are looking for new house. Dorsteps is designed to explorer the ideas to decorate your home, and you can find the items available in the market as well. The best feature is you capture a image of your room now you can drag and drop the available decoration items on the image and see how does it look like. It is very easy to search house and reach to that place via this app. This app is available for free download, if you are planning to move to your next house get DoorSteps in your iPhons today and make a easy life!



GarageBand (free)



GarageBand will make you expert of song composer and instrument master to play with. Download now and check how good this app and works with flexibility.


5 Best iPhone Apps You must download

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